Angela Hepler-Lee

Sustainable Weddings: A New Trend Set by White Horse Farm Catering

Hello, lovely readers! Today, I’m thrilled to share with you a topic that’s not just a trend but a movement close to my heart—sustainable weddings. At White Horse Farm Catering, we’ve embraced sustainability not as a buzzword but as a philosophy that guides every decision we make, from farm to table, from the first tasting […]

The Art of Sourcing: A Chef’s Journey to Revolutionize Local Food Networks

Hello, culinary enthusiasts, Angela Hepler-Lee here, diving into a topic very close to my heart: the art of sourcing ingredients and the profound impact it has on our local food networks. Having navigated the bustling culinary scene of Chicago before laying roots back in Michigan to establish White Horse Farm Catering, I’ve seen firsthand how […]